20 years experience of offering fun, exhilarating and challenging activities for all ages

Quad Bike Safari 

Come and drive around our 200 acre site filled with woodland, fields, water splashes, tracks and trails on our different size ATV’s for groups of 1 – 25

The adrenaline fulfilled ride around the farm for the more experience or if you would prefer a slower ride to look at the scenery, wildlife and views across the sea to wales on a good day! We aim to please all abilities…   

After a comprehensive safety briefing and instruction session, it’s time to ride!

The BADGER Run – This is the enclosed inflatable track for 6&7 years old, so they can learn a new skill, then if they are able and time is on our side they can try the tyre track…

The NOVICE Ride – 8 years upwards, after training an tuition, we head out onto the farm we head up winding tracks and trails onto the flatter fields, down the toboggan run to the ‘Bog’, hit the water splash, through the open fields with beautiful views over to Wales. Heading down the stream track back to base to finish.

The SKILL Ride – When you have mastered the novice (included), then onto the climb back to the top of the farm, with the small Table Top, S Bends, Challenging Terrain, Water Splashes, finishing with the Woodland Dipper home. (8 years and above cope with the skill whether they have ridden a quad or not before, due to the rides being tailored to your ability)

The SUPERSKILL Ride – Are you brave enough?!?!?! After doing both the Novice and Skill (included), up the sheep run onto Traverssing across the side of the valley, up and down the drops and more challenging course then the ‘Big Hill’  not for the faint hearted!


Two teams of equal players face off across a purpose built field layout. Each team has 6 specially designed bunkers made by Boost Air®, 6 target cones that are placed in front of each bunker, each holding a ball. There are several objectives to the game. The scoring is very simple! You will get 30 points for an eliminated player and 50 points for a targeted cone. Each game will last for up to 10minutes, where the scores are added and teams swap ends.

The two teams are separated by a neutral zone. If a player catches an arrow, they can bring one of their eliminated players back in to the game. The game ends when either, all team members are eliminated, all 6 cones have been hit or time runs out. The umpires have a scorecard for each game and will record the points. If there are numerous teams, then it is run as matches where the winning team moves through to the next round, so there will be an eventual winner.

Land Rover Experience 

Our 4×4 drive goes out for around 30-45mins all over our 200 acres of challenging terrain. We use Land Rover Discoverys, so you know that you are in the best vehicle for the job.

All our Instructor are talented off road drivers themselves, so you know you are in safe hands.

The course is designed to test your ability and gets harder as you go on. If you do not feel comfortable or the instructor feels you are not capable of a certain part, then they will drive it for you. (but this rarely happens!)

You must hold a full driving license to be able to drive.

You will come away with new skills and a better knowledge on how to drive offroad!

Passengers – upto 3 passengers with a driver.

If you have no driving license, then we can take up to 4 passengers on a 4×4 ride with one of our instructors driving. Jump in and hold on tight! this is sure to be a white knuckle ride!

Axe Throwing 

This new craze is a great way to put you throwing skill to the test. With a points system to bring your competitive side out or just for fun!

How good is your aim..?!?

The Axes are professional throwing axes – Tomahawks or Mousehawks for the smaller people! 

The 3 targets are marked with points and get harder as you go, there really is a technique to ‘just’ throwing an axe! 

Price is £15 for 30 minutes 

**DEAL** If you book Quad biking and Axe throwing then its just £12.50 per person just apply QBAXE in the coupon box at in your basket.  


These 320cc Sport bikes are automatic – they are great fun, powerful quads – a MUST upgrade for the most ultimate FUN!!!


(terms and conditions apply, no under 18’s are permitted to ride them, all breakages must be paid for)

07446 078190

To BOOK please call, please bare with us as the signal in the area is terrible, please text 07446 078190, and we can book you in via text if easier – as I’m sure you will notice your signal near us isn’t the best! Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience course. 

You can get us on the phone from 8am-8pm – you can book online for the next day otherwise.