Off road and 4×4 Land Rover
Driving Experience

Off Road 4×4 Land Rover Experience in North Devon

Learn to drive off-road in Ilfracombe, North Devon, here at Keypitts in the best vehicle for the job – the Land Rover Discovery! This 4×4 experience will take you out for an exhilarating journey of 30-45 minutes, all over our 200 acres of challenging terrain.

Starting out fairly easy, the course will get harder the further you progress – don’t worry though, our instructors are talented off-road drivers themselves and will be right with you to help out. If at any point you don’t feel comfortable, or the instructor feels a certain part may be too challenging, they will take over and drive for you – though this rarely happens. You’ll come away with new skills and far better knowledge of how to drive off-road, in addition to an awesome North Devon day out doing something a bit different.

Please note must hold a full driving license to be able to drive, and can take up to 3 passengers along with you. If no one has a driving license, then we can take up to 4 passengers on a 4×4 ride with one of our instructors driving.

4x4 Land Rover

17+ to Drive
  • Explore around 200 acres of challenging terrain
  • Enjoy as driver or passenger (up to 4 passengers)
  • Instructors will take you to your limits safely
  • Course designed to test your ability & nerves
  • Develop your skills in testing conditions
  • Jump in & hold on tight!
  • Drivers must hold full UK driving licence
  • Passengers from 4 years old (if they use a car seat please bring it with them)
  • £85 to drive + £10 per passenger
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£85 45 mins

4x4 Land Rover Ride

4 years +
  • Too worried to drive? Don’t worry our experienced 4×4’ers will take control and give you a thrill of a lifetime!
  • Wet, wild & adrenaline-fuelled
  • You will never believe where this vehicle can go
  • Drop-offs, steep climbs, boulders, bogs & much more…
  • Strap in for the ride of the century
  • £85 for up-to 4 passengers
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£85 30-45 mins

Challenge Truck

17+ With Full Driving Licence
  • Drive our Challenge Truck
  • Coaching provided by our instructor
  • Wet, wild & adrenaline-fuelled
  • Test your nerves & our truck to their limits
  • Drop-offs, steep climbs, boulders, bogs & much more…
  • Strap in for the ride of a lifetime
  • Must hold full UK driving licence – no passengers
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£100 30-45 mins

Why not make a day of it?

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